How do I check which version I have installed?

To check the version number of SalvusCompute for all sites, run

salvus-cli print-config

in the terminal and watch out for the line Salvus version.

To check the version number of the python module, run the following lines either in a python terminal or in a jupyter notebook:

import salvus

Make sure to always have the same version installed for all sites to avoid potential incompatibilities.

How do I check which version I have downloaded?

The version number of all packages is stored in the file info.toml in the download directory of Salvus. You can easily read it with any text editor.

Note that this file is overwritten every time you update Salvus and download a newer version.

The version number of the python packages is also encoded in the file name of the python wheels, e.g., salvus-0.12.10-cp37-cp37m-macosx_10_9_x86_64.whl refers to the release 0.12.10 of salvus for python 3.7 and 64 bit Mac OSX operating system.

How do I check which python version I have installed?

First, make sure that the python environment is activated (e.g. by using conda activate salvus) in your terminal or the WSL shell.

The following command tells you which python binary is used. It should point to a path within your Salvus environment.

which python

The next line prints the version number of python.

python --version