Full Waveform Solutions

We develop modern, innovative and industry-strength (visco)acoustic  (visco)elastic  coupled  fully anisotropic  fully anisotropic spectral-element waveform simulation and inversion software.

In 2D & 3D, on arbitrary domains and scaling from prototyping on laptops to production runs on massively parallel computers.

End-to-end Solution to all Waveform Modeling and Inversion Needs.

Salvus is a high performance software suite boosting the efficiency, scalability, and applicability of full-waveform inversion (FWI) through a modern and finely-tuned design based on spectral elements. Tailored to meet the challenges of modern FWI on both CPU and GPU architectures, Salvus solves multi-physics full-waveform forward and inverse problems in 2 and 3 dimensions, with optimal scaling to tens of thousands of compute cores.

Land Seismics

The exact treatment of the shape and physics of the free surface make Salvus an excellent tool for forward and inversion land seismic studies.

Borehole Acoustics

The combination of mathematically accurate coupling of acoustic and elastic wave propagation, the exact representation of arbitrarily shaped domain boundaries and flexible meshing capabilities make borehole acoustics an interesting use case for Salvus.

Marine Seismics

Go the next step in your surveys and incorporate shear waves and the interaction of acoustic ocean waves with the elastic interior: Fully elastic imaging.

Global Seismology

Wave propagation is identical across the scales and Salvus is thus very well suited for continental and global seismological wave simulation problems.


The currently active Insight Mars missions aims to uncover some secrets of the red planet utilizing Mars quakes. Salvus is one of the tools to aid in that endeavour.