Python/Jupyter Resources

Salvus' major interface is the Python programming language via Jupyter notebooks. These days, Python is one of the most used programming languages across all fields, including engineering and scientific disciplines.

Many people are already familiar with it and using it in their daily work. If you are not, this page collects a number of resources to help you along the way to become a proficient Python user.

Websites of the Most Important Packages

Go here for usage guides and detailed references.

  • Python - The actual Python programming language
  • NumPy - Efficient array interface
  • SciPy - Scientific Algorithms
  • matplotlib - High quality plotting
  • h5py - Reading/writing HDF5 files with Python
  • Jupyter - Jupyter notebooks


There is an abundance of free (and paid) online resources available to learn Python in any style that suits you. An exemplary overview can be found here.

If you are used to Matlab, this might help: