On-Site and Remote Training

Salvus is an expert level tool and a certain amount of knowledge and training is necessary to get the most out of it.
To aid in that we offer on-site and remote training, typically arranged as 3 to 5 day workshops with two instructors. Class sizes from 5 to 20 people are optimal.
A 3 to 5 day Salvus workshop at your venue with two instructors. Typically, we cover full waveform modeling and inversion from theory to applications, involving comprehensive hands-on sessions with the Salvus software suite. The workshop schedule is flexible and the contents can be adapted to your specific needs. The required computations can either be done using cloud-based services provided by Mondaic or on your local hardware. The main incentives of the workshop are to provide insights into the underlying physics and numerical methods, to accelerate the learning curve, and to give users a head start to use Salvus for their own work.