Updating Guide from Salvus 0.10.x to Salvus 0.11

Updating Your Installation

Nothing special needs to be done for the SalvusCompute binaries. Just running the Mondaic downloader will update them.

The Python installation requires a bit more work. Due to the change to a single Salvus Python we strongly recommend to create a new conda environment for Salvus 0.11. Otherwise you'll have to remove all existing Salvus Python packages and install the new one.

If you want to keep a backup of your old Salvus environment you can first clone it and then delete the original one:

conda create --name salvus_backup --clone salvus
conda remove --name salvus --all

Once this is done, please follow the usual installation instructions to set up a new environment.

Required Python Code Changes

Imports need to be adjusted from

import salvus_mesh
import salvus_flow
import salvus_fem
import salvus_toolbox


import salvus.mesh
import salvus.flow
import salvus.fem
import salvus.toolbox

No other changes should be required. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.