Getting Started

What is Salvus?

Salvus is a software suite focussing on high-performance full waveform modelling and inversion developed by Mondaic. Broadly speaking it consists of four separate packages:

  • SalvusCompute: Parallel high-performance solver for spectral-element wave propagation on unstructured meshes.

  • SalvusMesh: Library and toolbox to build meshes in both two and three dimensions.

  • SalvusFlow: Workflow orchestration and remote job execution framework tying together various parts of Salvus.

  • SalvusOpt: Non-linear optimization framework.

How Do I Start Using It?

We recommend the following sequence:

  1. Install it following the Installation Instructions.
  2. Work through the basic Lamb's Problem Tutorial.

After that it really depends on your envisioned use cases. The list of examples and tutorials on this website is growing. Tutorials suitable for most beginner are for example the elastic Marmousi tutorial, an introduction to sources and receivers or a more detailed explanation of how to use SalvusFlow.

Technical details can be found in the Reference Documentation section.

If you are having troubles using Python and/or the Jupyter notebooks, please have a look at our collected resources.

Need Help?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].