This documentation is not for the latest stable Salvus version.


Window handling component for all kinds of domains in SalvusProject.

Data Model

  • window_set_name: A name for a set of windows. There can only be one set of windows per window_set_name and event. The rational for this is that one might want to re-pick windows after some iterations - in that case one would just create a new window set.

  • There can be multiple windows per component. These, for adjoint source computations, will be used

  • Windows can be stored in two ways:

    • Start and end time in seconds relative to the reference time. The reference time is time zero of the simulation which is also the event time in the seismological case.
    • A full array containing multiplication values for each time step. Must be accompanied by the time of the first sample and the sampling rate.
  • One HDF5 file per windows set name and event. HDF5 is absolutely mandatory as windows might be defined on a per sample basis - just too much data for anything else.