High-performance end-to-end solutions
for wave-based imaging.

From laboratory over reservoir to global scale.
And anything in-between.


Salvus is a high performance software suite boosting the efficiency, scalability, and applicability of full-waveform inversion (FWI) through a modern and finely-tuned design based on spectral elements. Tailored to meet the challenges of modern FWI on both CPU and GPU architectures, Salvus solves multi-physics full-waveform forward and inverse problems in 2 and 3 dimensions, with optimal scaling to tens of thousands of compute cores.

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Accurate wavefield modelling

Massively parallel high-performance coupled multi-physics [(visco)acoustic, (visco)elastic], coupled) simulations on unstructured spectral-element meshes in two and three dimensions.

Sophisticated meshing

Automated conforming hexahedral mesh-generation including topography, internal boundaries, and refinements across scales.

State-of-the-art Optimization

Efficient imaging methods combining powerful algorithms from large-scale nonlinear inversion, PDE-constrained optimization, and machine learning.

Powerful Workflow Management

Graph-based complex workflow orchestration framework, distributing task across many machines for fast and reproducible full waveform inversions.

Who we are

Find detailed information on our team page.

What we offer

Mondaic offers scalable end-to-end solutions for all (visco)acoustic, (visco)elastic, and coupled waveform modeling and inversion needs. Utilizing cutting-edge research results, including innovations across all components, we deliver results faster, at lower costs, and with increased reliability. Our mission is to provide world-leading, cutting-edge, and industry-strength solutions to full waveform modelling and inversion needs across all scales.

  • Salvus

    The world's most advanced software suite for FWI including all aspects from meshing, waveform simulations, non-linear optimization, to workflow management.

  • Consulting

    Benefit from our leading expertise of solving forward and inverse problems using wave physics to aid in your next big endeavor.

  • Training

    On-site and online training sessions at all levels.

  • Research-as-a-service

    Have a novel problem you want to solve quickly which cannot be outsourced to a PhD student? Talk to us.

  • Customized Software

    We fulfill demands after customized interfaces, file formats, and functionality to make the best of Salvus within your organization.

  • Knowledge

    We accumulate a cumulative knowledge about waveform inversion of over 50 years at the forefront of research.