This page here has been created for the latest stable release of Salvus. You have chosen to view the documentation for another Salvus version. Please be aware there might be some small differences you have to account for.

Proxy Configuration

Internet access is required for a number of things when installing and running Salvus. Many corporate networks demand the use of a proxy server.

All the tools and programs are able to use standard proxy environment variables. Setting the
variable to
https://username:[email protected]:8080
should work for everything.


Details for the various programs.

Test the settings

An easy way to test the settings is to run for example:

https_proxy=https://username:[email protected]:8080 curl

This command will set the https_proxy only for this execution and use curl to download an HTTPS website. If this does not error the environment variable setting should be correct.

Setting Environment Variables

You can always check if an environment variable is set by

echo $variable_name

Temporarily Setting It

export variable_name=variable_value

Permanently Setting It