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Salvus Documentation and Usage Guide

Salvus is a suite of software for performing full waveform modelling and inversion provided by Mondaic. Salvus aims to fuse the flexibility of research codes with the performance of production-grade software. It employs the spectral element method and works in 2-D and 3-D on quadrilateral and hexahedral meshes. A particular focus of our efforts is directed at usability and the proper solution of the inverse problem.

Our peer-reviewed and open-access paper describes some of the underlying methods in detail.

How to Use This Website

This website serves to document how to install and use the various components of Salvus.

Getting Started

If you are new to Salvus and are looking to get started, please start here.

The menu on the left (or hidden behind the hamburger menu on mobile) grants quick access to all parts of this site, including some media, an FAQ, and publications using Salvus.

Documentation itself is largely split into four parts:

  • Getting Started and Installation: Introduction and installation instructions.
  • Knowledge Base: More in-depth documentation of the various parts of Salvus and their mathematical and physical background.
  • Examples and Tutorials: A collection of examples and full tutorials teaching various aspects of Salvus ranging from basic introduction to detailed applications.
  • Reference Documentation: Detailed API references